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Twitkit for Twitter in your Firefox browser June 17, 2008

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Yet another Twitter app.

Twitkit is in beta right now but it’s working pretty well.

I like the keyboard shortcut to get it to open and the fact that it’s not open all the time (a la Digsby et al).

When Twitter works of course 😉

Download it here

Now all they need to do is make it work for Firefox 3…Experimental only (so you’ll need to log in) for Firefox 3 right now


One Response to “Twitkit for Twitter in your Firefox browser”

  1. Hans Engel Says:

    Thanks for mentioning TwitKit! I really appreciate it. TwitKit will be ready for Firefox 3 very soon, maybe even today..

    But that’s a secret, of course. 🙂

    Thanks again,
    Hans Engel
    TwitKit – Founder

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