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Online label maker from ACME June 19, 2008

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Need labels? I did and found the ACME free online label maker.

Quite simply, it makes labels. That you can copy and paste into Word, Paint, etc…. or copy to your website or blog.

Super easy, just type in the wording you want, choose your font (the example below is ‘Babyblock’), add the effects you want (make it transparent or add shadow) and even add filters such as ‘slant’ or ‘TV’.

If you need inspiration there’s samples of labels and even some recent labels other people have made.

One caveat: if you’re using a label on your website make sure you save the file itself and not just the link.


4 Responses to “Online label maker from ACME”

  1. Elliegg Says:

    this is awesome you rock

  2. Ellie Says:

    Hey thanks so much it’s so quick for dial up to it helped do much with my home work thank you!!

  3. labelguru Says:

    I love this; thanks.

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