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Zoomii 'real' bookstore for USA and Canada June 23, 2008

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If you use Amazon to buy your books (and even if you don’t) you’re going to love Zoomii. It’s a virtual book store, with ‘books’ (big and small) on ‘shelves’.And it’s available in Canada too. Sweet.

You can browse, search, check out different categories such as ‘bestseller’ or ‘self help’, and add to wishlist or cart. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among (or simply want some more information on) the 20,000 or so books in the ‘store’, you can click the link to do the same search on Amazon. And you’re automatically directed to Amazon to complete your purchase.

It’s pretty slow on Firefox 3 right now, but they’re working on it.


One Response to “Zoomii 'real' bookstore for USA and Canada”

  1. Ray Vander Veen Says:

    The Firefox 3 slowness issue has been fixed.

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