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How to… change a 'tag' name in Google Reader July 8, 2008

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I thought I was going crazy. There seemed to be no obvious way to change a tag’s name in Google Reader.

And I was not wrong. You need to follow 6 steps, according to Googlified‘s post on how exactly to do just this.

To reiterate the 6 steps:

  1. Go to your Google Reader Settings page and click the ‘Subscriptions’ tab at the top
  2. Find the input box called: “Filter by name, tag, or URL”, top right, and enter the tag name you want to change
  3. Click “Select: All {number} subscriptions” (left side of the page)
  4. Under any one of the feeds in the “Change folders” drop down box, find “New folder…”, and enter the new name for your tag
  5. Go to the “More actions…” drop down box and choose the tag you just created under “Add tag…”
  6. Go to “More actions…” again and click the old tag that you don’t want, under “Remove tag…” to remove the tag
Settings page

Settings page

There’s even a handy video in Googlified’s post showing you how to do it.

Matters are not helped by the fact that Google calls the same thing a tag and a folder. A rose by any other name….

If anyone has a quicker method, just let me know.


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