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Convert CSV to QIF when your bank is too lazy or stingy to do it for you October 23, 2009

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One of my credit card providers stopped providing ofx and qfx data downloads yesterday.

Instead they’re providing CSV files, which kind of screws up uploads to my online financial money management tool of choice, Wesabe, which doesn’t yet support the CSV format.

Luckily the forums on Wesabe are super useful and within minutes I had my hands on XL2QIF, a nifty little CSV to QIF converter, with a pretty straight forward user interface.

It comes in the form of an Excel add-in. I use Excel 2007 and it works perfectly with that, and it is also supported on older versions, with even a special version for Excel 1997. Simply highlight the cells containing the info you wish to upload, then open the XL2QIF add-in. I found quite a handy user-created tutorial, while Googling my dilemma, which you might also find useful.



10 Responses to “Convert CSV to QIF when your bank is too lazy or stingy to do it for you”

  1. […] Convert CSV to QIF when your bank is too lazy or stingy to do it for …Creating investment transactions becomes quite easy, when you comfortably working in Excel, then copy and paste them in CSV2QIF and import QIF into … […]

  2. Onyx Says:

    The best one I have found so far is FREE, and lets you map fields to the new file, and can convert CSV to QIF or OFX. Check it out here:

    • Sergiy Says:

      Just be aware where you use online tools and upload your financial data through insecure connection.

      CSV2QIF is a desktop application, so your data won’t leave your computer. Plus it converts investment transactions as well.

      CSV2OFX at and CSV2QFX at convert CSV to OFX and QFX format.

      $Note: I developed these products.

    • Geeky Chick Says:

      Think I agree with you @Onyx. Definitely the quickest and easiest of the bunch so far, and it has a great UI.
      Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Sergiy Says:

    CSV2QIF at converts CSV files to QIF format.

  4. vybixa Says:

    I came accross this post when searching high and wide for a Nationwide BS (UK) CSV converter. Most “free” ones come at a “price” of having to tweak them, if not tweaking the resultant files. For your readers I’d recomend the Nationwide OFX Converter from

    This really did the trick for me.

  5. Phillip Says:

    And just in case you wanted to convert your CSV or QIF to OFX, you can use iCreateOFX from:

    Disclosure: Iamthe author and publisher of the above utility.

  6. Pete Says:

    Try this great utility for converting csv files for Money.

    MT2OFX (

    It does what it says on the tin ( a lot better thatn all those other applications that appear to do it)

    I found downloading the csv file easy, converting it easy and importing it easy too … and Monsy won’t import the same record twice wither so you can;t make a mistake there.

    Yes it’s a pain but it’s a working solution.

    It’s Freeware but do as I did an donate something .. it helps the guys to develop the application and rewards great, hard work.

    Great piece of customer relations nationwide … I can understand why you dropped it ( costly support form Microsoft etc) but you could have come up with a better solution such as allowing OIF downloads.

    Remember, we can vote the directors out you know … now whouldn’t that be a good lesson to the head in the sand big wigs!

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