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How do you use an iPhone when it’s sub-zero outside? October 29, 2009

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I love my iPhone. I love the ski resort where I live (Whistler in Canada).

But I’ve been wondering over the past couple of days, especially now the temperature has dropped and it’s started snowing,  how am I going to answer that phone when it rings and I’m, say, on a chair lift? With no exposed finger flesh to swipe to answer?

Looks like iLounge has been asking the same questions and has found a possible solution: Dots Gloves!

Dot glovesFor $15 – $20 you get an acrylic glove with special material at three of the fingertips so you can swoosh to answer that call or press to play that tune on your iPod as you’re skiing down the hill.

However, I’ve got my eye on the $25 sub-zero protection model with nylon shell and fleece lining. Apparently they’ve got drop-proof handling due to the ‘microfiber grip palm’. Here’s hoping…

Dot glove D200


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