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Google Wave invite, anyone? November 4, 2009

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google waveI have Google Wave invites, people. Need one?

To get yours, leave your details in the comments and I’ll pull 5 names out of  a hat…

EDIT: Since only 5 people wanted an invite, you all got one! Thanks for playing and see you in a Wave maybe…


9 Responses to “Google Wave invite, anyone?”

  1. FredWein Says:

    I have been trying to get Google Wave for a long time can you help? Thanks in advance.

  2. Andrew Says:

    any chance i could still get one?

  3. Peter Says:

    I want one !

  4. Darrell Casteel Says:

    I’d LOVE an invite….please choose me!

  5. Nick Says:

    Please pick me…I want an invite!

  6. Bryan Says:

    Thanks for helping us wannabe wavers.

  7. Lucas Macieira Says:

    I need invitation… Choose me! /

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