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I want one October 21, 2009

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iMacThe new 27 inch iMac

Not quite sure why it’s $100 more expensive here in Canada than in the US, considering the recent exchange rate…

Do I see a trip to Seattle in my future…? Maybe I should wait ’til November for the quad core. Decisions, decisions.


Online road tax calculator June 16, 2008

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Although I don’t live in the UK any more, the rest of my family do, so I’m still interested in what’s going on there. Whenever I speak to them they have more and more gripes about how expensive it is to live there (where isn’t it expensive nowadays?)

So, for them, and anyone else with a vehicle in the UK, here’s the Vehicle Certification Agency website that has a calculator to tell you how much hard-earned cash you’re going to have to part with when it comes to renewing your road tax. Gulp. Nice car disc graphic distraction technique.