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Twitkit for Twitter in your Firefox browser June 17, 2008

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Yet another Twitter app.

Twitkit is in beta right now but it’s working pretty well.

I like the keyboard shortcut to get it to open and the fact that it’s not open all the time (a la Digsby et al).

When Twitter works of course 😉

Download it here

Now all they need to do is make it work for Firefox 3…Experimental only (so you’ll need to log in) for Firefox 3 right now


FireNES lets you play Nintendo games for free in Firefox June 16, 2008

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This is super cool.

Play any one of 2,500 (that’s right, 2,500) Nintendo games in Firefox (even Firefox 3) for FREE with this add on.

I couldn’t seem to get the Firefox extension from the add-ons tool, instead I went to Softronic to get it.

Some of the games don’t seem to load – like Tetris, or Pacman 😦 -, the graphics are really basic and the music is super annoying, but you can turn it off in options. Still, for a freebie that doesn’t require you to do much more than add a browser extension, I’ll take it.

Here’s to a productive afternoon…



Make text AND pictures bigger in Firefox 3 June 9, 2008

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OK. I’m getting into this Firefox 3.

I’ve just realised I don’t need to mourn the my loss of my ‘No Squint’ add-on because FF3 has a built in ability to zoom in and out. And not just the text either, which was always a problem with No Squint. It also increases the size of the pictures. Very nice.


How to?

Simply press CTRL and + to increase and CTRL and – to decrease. Easy peasy.