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How healthy is your Mac’s battery? coconutBattery tells all. December 2, 2009

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A health check for your Mac's battery

My MacBook’s battery took a turn for the worse last week. Luckily Apple has already sent me a new one (even though I only had 26 days left on my warranty – Apple customer service FTW).

While I waited for the new battery to arrive I played around with coconutBattery, a free download from, which showed me the health of my battery (it weirdly fluctuated throughout the day from 96% to 54%), how much charge I had left and the number of full charge cycles it had been through.

Of course the latter two snippets of info can be found from the ‘About this Mac’ facility, but coconutBattery does more and all in one place. It tells you the original maximum capacity of your battery  on day one, lets you save information about the maximum capacity of the battery at any given time and even how long you’ve owned your beloved Mac.

It will also tell you if your battery is currently charging and apparently even warns you if you’ve plugged in the wrong charger. Although how that could happen is a little beyond me.

coconutBattery can be downloaded for free from


How to switch between documents in Word 2008 [Mac] November 11, 2009

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Quick tip.

Command + ` (tilde/accent key) allows you to switch between open documents in Microsoft Office Word 2008.


iKeepass for the iPhone and iPod Touch October 28, 2009

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iKeepassiKeepass, the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the free and fantastic Mac/PC personal password aggregator, was finally approved for the Apple app store last week. It’s taken me this long to mention it because it’s taken me this long to get it working.

Now it IS working so I thought I’d share a tip, offered by another user on the iKeepass blog, on how to make it work in conjunction with using your Mac.

According to the iKeePass blog, for iKeepass to function you need to:

  1. Enable the option “Web Sharing” in the Sharing Settings.
  2. Copy your KeePass database file into the directory “Sites” (it is in your user home directory).
  3. Set the server name in your iKeePass application to your ip adress, eg

However, the IP address alone is not enough. Oh no. You need to add your username to the end of the IP address. This is not made clear in KeePass’s configuration guidance.

So, using the IP address example above, enter the following – including the tilde (the ~ character) – for the server address:

Now ‘add’ your database file and ‘open’ it. Once you’ve entered your password should be up and running.

As far as the app goes, it needs copy and paste and a search function, but I guess they’re coming in a later version? And not quite sure why the icon is yellow when it is usually blue…

Buy iKeepass ($0.99) from the app store.


Take a screenshot with a keyboard shortcut on a Mac October 22, 2009

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commandEasy tip:

To take a screenshot of a specific area of your screen hit Command-Shift-4 then select your desired area. This automatically saves it as a file on your Mac’s desktop.

If you prefer to save to the clipboard hit Command-Control-Shift-4.


I want one October 21, 2009

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iMacThe new 27 inch iMac

Not quite sure why it’s $100 more expensive here in Canada than in the US, considering the recent exchange rate…

Do I see a trip to Seattle in my future…? Maybe I should wait ’til November for the quad core. Decisions, decisions.