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Nomad.NET: a tabbed file manager for Windows 7 November 26, 2009

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I am still mourning the loss of QTTabbar which no longer works since I made the switch to Windows 7.

Once you’ve become used to using tabs to browse your files and folders, there’s no turning back. Productivity dives.

So, I’ve found an alternative: Nomad.NET.

It’s not as pretty as QTTabbar and doesn’t do things quite as intuitively either, and there are certainly a couple of glitches when trying to open the downloads folders from Chrome. But it certainly beats using windows explorer.

If you’re a tab fan, give it a try. It’s free and can be downloaded from:


Digitize your DVD collection and vice versa October 20, 2009

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WinX DVD AuthorDid you know that, until the end of the month, WinX DVD Author (usually $30) and WinX DVD Ripper (usually $25) are FREE?

With DVD author you can burn loads of file formats to DVD and really make it your own with a personalized title, chapter menus, background images, music and so much more.

And the Ripper, well…rips.

Windows only.

Source: Lifehacker


Easy room planner by icovia June 19, 2008

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Want a really easy drag and drop room planner?

Got one for you. I found this one on La Difference’s website and it’s created by (but icovia provide these planners for a number of clients so you may have come across it elsewhere).

Very easy to navigate, with a number of pre-built plans to pick from. You can also choose a blank plan and specify your own dimensions. Once you’ve chosen the room you want to remodel, simply drag and drop the relevant items from the left side panel, then resize, zoom and measure away… hours of fun.


Twitkit for Twitter in your Firefox browser June 17, 2008

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Yet another Twitter app.

Twitkit is in beta right now but it’s working pretty well.

I like the keyboard shortcut to get it to open and the fact that it’s not open all the time (a la Digsby et al).

When Twitter works of course 😉

Download it here

Now all they need to do is make it work for Firefox 3…Experimental only (so you’ll need to log in) for Firefox 3 right now


Make text AND pictures bigger in Firefox 3 June 9, 2008

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OK. I’m getting into this Firefox 3.

I’ve just realised I don’t need to mourn the my loss of my ‘No Squint’ add-on because FF3 has a built in ability to zoom in and out. And not just the text either, which was always a problem with No Squint. It also increases the size of the pictures. Very nice.


How to?

Simply press CTRL and + to increase and CTRL and – to decrease. Easy peasy.